​​Need a kosher juice service?
We’ll wash our produce and juicer parts in your kosher kitchen before your event.
We bring premium and organic produce.  Fresh and carefully selected, we clean it immediately before your event, and chill it in several coolers.  A colorful sign displays the available selections.
​​The guest orders a personalized juice. Into the juicer goes the produce and two minutes later we hand the guest a beautiful, delicious, nutritious juice cocktail!

Our juices are a great healthy alternative beverage for non drinkers, athletes, and health conscious guests. Children absolutely love our juices. We offer juices that please all palates and dietary requirements, including low sugar juices for the diabetic guest and mild soothing juices for those with sensitive stomachs. We use no added sugars or syrups.
Juice Heaven's portable fresh fruit & vegetable juice bar is available for your next party! Choose our open bar option or prepay for your guests.
We serve at indoor and outdoor wedding receptions, corporate breakfasts and celebrations, b’nai mitzvahs, birthday parties, graduation parties, anniversaries, bridal showers, baby showers, backyard picnics, family reunions, and charity events.

Juice Heaven at Your Party! 

Serve Our Delicious Juice Cocktails At Your Special Occasion! 

Our juice bar fits on a 6’ or 8’ table. 
We bring three small attractive quiet chrome juicers that process a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Our cocktails are served in 9 oz clear compostable cups.  

Kids get their juice cup closed with a lid and straw.
Adults are handed their cup with a bamboo stirrer.

We work both inside and outside, and are fully insured.

We serve only in non smoking venues.